XLSMLXL, mixed use neighborhood


The challenge for the design was based on two goals of the municipality of Groningen. Firstly design a urban scheme facilitating housing for students, families and elderly. Secondly reconnecting the private (house) with the public (street-park).


The previous design of the plot was a typical post war modernism stamp. Air, light and space where the main nominators for the design and separation of functions was the main setup. It has been the intention for the new setup to design using same nominators but interconnect diverse functions and program to reconnect the private with the public and activate the public domain.


Secondly the city of Groningen has bad experience with urban sprawl neighbourhoods that have to share space with young students.


By introducing intermediating spaces between divers users (students, family’s and elderly) the design tries to soften the tension between them and ultimately unify them inside their own public space.

N. Slijkerman

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