The hybrid knowledge centre, Soho community


It has been the intention of the design to address and stimulate the knowledge based economy, a temporarily goal of the Rotterdam’s municipality. Therefor a new interpretation of the Dutch urban block has been made, to the urban fabric and extracting the public domain into the design. A mixture of program should intensify the use of the collective and public domain through out the day.


The stacking of functions is topped of by a dens residential domain. Unlike the typical Dutch urban block the concept of Soho (small office home office) has been integrated. Where three dwelling typologies activate the collective domain...


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Mediatheque in Cassablanca


The mediatheque of Casablanca is located in the heart of the old harbor area. It is the intention of the municipality to redevelop the area and reconnect it with the city. On-site research showed the necessary design strategies for a Mediterranean climate, where shadow is more valuable than sunlight.


The old medina of the city shows how the historical architecture facilitates this need for shadow, with its narrow alleys, high buildings and half-sunken ground floor courtyard houses. At the same time we see how the medina projects the multitude of functions to its commuters; here, the hierarchy of public and private is created by each floor level...


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Shenzhen north station tower


258 meters up in the air, Shenzhen tower is by far the biggest and most exciting project I’ve worked on in China. Starting a competition in China with such clear and high demanding context is not always a standard.


Immediately it gave the design process a very real touch. Its position is beside the high speed train station of the Longhua district, and so generated questions on how this urban complex would operate in its largest scale. Commuters from Shenzhen, China, Hong Kong and further will pass through the Longhua high-speed train station; they will therefore be directly or indirectly in interaction with the design...


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N. Slijkerman


Master plan water village Wutong lake.


Encompassing several phases, from a rough concept for the master plan until architectural design of single buildings. Concept and architectural design for a commercial area, hostel, elderly clubhouse, hotel and kinder garden.


Encompassing several phases, from a rough concept for the master plan until architectural design of single buildings. Concept and architectural design for a commercial area, hostel, elderly clubhouse, hotel and kinder garden.


The water village is located in the suburb of Wuhan. A rural area which is currently undertaking a large transformation from agriculture to a satellite city of Wuhan called wutong lake.


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The Collider Activity Centre


Sport, interaction, network and exchange of knowledge will be the daily activity of the Collider Activity Centre. Mladost will have its late test architectural identity materialized in Bulgarian sandstone combined with the inverted climbing hall concept.


A strong strategy exhibiting Walltopia’s core product, being use, towards it’s surrounding. Behind the sandstone lies an introverted domain, focusing on the diversity of activities inside. Stacking and linking diverse program stimulate a buzz atmosphere. Here people will come to sport and end up networking in the rooftop bar or during a sunny day on the terrace next to the restaurant. While employees will be able to enjoy the sport and leisure facilities after work.

Diamond clubhouse


Developing a design strategy and spatial organization concept for a private developer and owner of an historical monument, build around the 1920’s, in an eclectic British style land house. Located in the centre of Shanghai.


It is described by the Shanghai municipality as a cultural relic of the Xuhui district. Build in 1920, the british style residential structure served as the hospital founded by the famous doctors and brothers Niu Huilin an Niu huisheng. During the Battle of Songhu, song Qingling and He Xiangning organized the activities of field aid here.


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XLSMLXL, mixed use neighborhood


The challenge for the design was based on two goals of the municipality of Groningen. Firstly design a urban scheme facilitating housing for students, families and elderly. Secondly reconnecting the private (house) with the public (street-park).


The previous design of the plot was a typical post war modernism stamp. Air, light and space where the main nominators for the design and separation of functions was the main setup. It has been the intention for the new setup to design using same nominators but interconnect diverse functions and program to reconnect the private with the public and activate the public domain.


Urban catalyst


The name of the projected, urban catalyst, is based in the challenge of the municipalities design question. Located in a disadvantaged neighbourhood, the mixed-use building has to activate the environment and positively influence the public domain.


The design follows the neighbourhood’s morphology and urban structure. The public functions are interwoven with the residential function. This creates exciting façade compositions and possibility to create higher quality in the spatial experience of the public and private functions.


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Health care centre Ukwimi (Zambia)


Fund raising, designing, managing and constructing a health care centre in Ukwimi, Zambia.

Working with local people to built the needed health care facilities for the region Ukwimi.


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