Urban catalyst


N. Slijkerman

The name of the projected, urban catalyst, is based in the challenge of the municipalities design question. Located in a disadvantaged neighbourhood, the mixed-use building has to activate the environment and positively influence the public domain.


The design follows the neighbourhood’s morphology and urban structure. The public functions are interwoven with the residential function. This creates exciting façade compositions and possibility to create higher quality in the spatial experience of the public and private functions.


The public functions of the building are set back from the urban structure. This emphasizes the functional differentiation of the block.


Secondly the materialization articulates the dichotomy of the block. The residential part follows the urban colour scheme in an more temporal interpretation. While the public functions use a more complementary colour to emphasize its functions.


The façade of the library has a trichotomy of aspects, firstly the structure of the inner façade functions as a bookcase. Secondly the glass panels of the inner facade are partly transparent and partly blue. The colour is chosen based on studies that elaborate on the effect of colour on the psychology of the human being. Blue is explained as a neutral and calming colour. Thirdly the second skinn enables the façade to operate as a climate system.

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