Nanjing Greenland, south trainstation, south plaza

N. Slijkerman

Situated in front of the South Plaza of South Nanjing high-speed train station, construction has started on the Greenland development. A rough 15 km from downtown Nanjing arises a new central business district (CBD).


The prime location of the project directed the design to function as a new heart of the CBD. The concept was derived from the many examples of China’s walled and gated inner cities. Instead of following the old typology of the walled city where the gates are the only access point to the heart of site, the “wall” became the permeable border. This is accomplished by activating the wall on ground, first and second floors with a multitude of passages, commercial functions and vistas. The high-rises within the project house a multitude of functions, ranging from SOHO and loft houses to 1st and 2nd class offices.


In the centre of project lies the green belt connecting the South Plaza of the train station with the new Qin Huai River. Along the green strip is the commercial centre of project, facilitating shopping, catering, entertainment again mixed with office space.


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