Hunan TV

The main goal for the client was show the public how Hunan TV makes its television shows. Allowing people to visit the production of television shows and to create a new type of entertainment around this experience.


The project is located just outside of Hunan City centre, easily accessible from the main train station and from the airport. The topography of the site is slightly sloped to the end, and beside the site a large natural park is situated.


The concept for the TV studio was to create one axis climbing up the landscape with the studios along its side. The axis is the connecting element between the entrance plaza and end plaza. The entrance is activated by a large museum of Hunan TV and the end plaza is a large event space in front of the theatre.


The axis is in the East-West direction and controls the public flow. The North and South sides of the development are for delivery, staff, fire fighting and VIP access. The public flow and private never cross each other, and the connection between North and South studios is maintained underground.


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N. Slijkerman

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