N. Slijkerman

Developing a design strategy and spatial organization concept for a private developer and owner of an historical monument, build around the 1920’s, in an eclectic British style land house. Located in the centre of Shanghai.


It is described by the Shanghai municipality as a cultural relic of the Xuhui district. Build in 1920, the british style residential structure served as the hospital founded by the famous doctors and brothers Niu Huilin an Niu huisheng. During the Battle of Songhu, song Qingling and He Xiangning organized the activities of field aid here.


The house is to be renovated as a private member club to sell Belgium diamonds. Beside the house will be a new build exhibition space for private owned art collections. At the entrance of residence is a small restaurant open for public.


The design focused on how to deal with public and private space, creating a flexible strategy, enabling to convert the spaces from public and private situation to complete private events.

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