The Collider Activity Centre


N. Slijkerman


The inverted climbing hall; exhibiting Walltopia’s core business.


Sport, interaction, network and exchange of knowledge will be the daily activity of the Collider Activity Centre. Mladost will have its latetest architectural identity materialized in Bulgarian sandstone combined with the inverted climbing hall concept.


A strong strategy exhibiting Walltopia’s core product, in use, exhibited towards it’s surrounding. Behind the sandstone lies an introverted domain, focusing on the diversity of activities inside. Stacking and linking diverse program stimulate a buzz atmosphere. Here people will come to sport and end up networking in the rooftop bar or during a sunny day on the terrace next to the restaurant. While employees will be able to enjoy the sport and leisure facilities after work.



In short emphasizing on a people climate instead of a business climate.

The volume of the building is not only based on architectural beauty but also applies to a more economic reason. It is a maximized volume according to the given parameters with a minimal amount of external facades. Together with the internal organization, based in one main space, gave the possibility to enlarger floor areas for social interaction and leisure.


The facades of the climbing halls are build up by columns and large overhead doors. This gives the possibility to open the facades during summer and transforms the indoor to an semi outdoor climbing hall. Not only does this positively effect the climate of the climbing hall it also transforms the overall experience of the climbing exercise.

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